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Optional waterproof metal electrical switch box

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Product Description

Optional 3*3 waterproof metal electrical  switch box

Product Name Optional 3*3 waterproof metal electrical  switch box
Material Steel
Color Silver and black
Standard EN50086/BS4568
Certification ISO9001:2015  and CE certificate



Description waterproof metal electrical  switch box
Galv Code Black Code Size Pack Qty
3315PG 3315PB 75*75*38MM 10PC*20BAG/CTN
332PG 332PB


333PG 333PB 75*75*75MM 10PC*20BAG/CTN
432PG 432PB 100*75*50MM 5PC*20BAG/CTN
4415PG 4415PB 100*100*38MM 5PC*20BAG/CTN
442PG 442PB 100*100*50MM 5PC*20BAG/CTN
443PG 443PB 100*100*75MM 5PC*20BAG/CTN
444PG 444PB 100*100*100MM 2PC*20BAG/CTN
632PG 632PB 150*75*50MM 5PC*20BAG/CTN
633PG 633PB 150*75*75MM 5PC*20BAG/CTN
642PG 642PB 150*100*50MM 5PC*20BAG/CTN
643PG 643PB 150*100*75MM 5PC*20BAG/CTN
644PG 644PB 150*100*100MM 2PC*20BAG/CTN
6615PG 6615PB 150*150*38MM 5PC*20BAG/CTN
662PG 662PB 150*150*50MM 5PC*20BAG/CTN
663PG 663PB 150*150*75MM 5PC*20BAG/CTN
664PG 664PB 150*150*100MM 2PC*20BAG/CTN
666PG 666PB 150*150*150MM 2PC*20BAG/CTN
932PG 932PB 225*75*50MM 2PC*20BAG/CTN
942PG 942PB 225*100*50MM 2PC*20BAG/CTN
943PG 943PB 225*100*75MM 2PC*10BAG/CTN
962PG 962PB 225*150*50MM 2PC*10BAG/CTN
963PG 963PB 225*150*75MM 2PC*10BAG/CTN
964PG 964PB 225*150*100MM 2PC*10BAG/CTN
992PG 992PB 225*225*50MM 2PC*10BAG/CTN
993PG 993PB 225*225*75MM 2PC*10BAG/CTN
994PG 994PB 225*225*100MM 2PC*10BAG/CTN
996PG 996PB 225*225*150MM 1PC*10BAG/CTN
12122PG 12122PB 300*300*50MM 1PC*10BAG/CTN
12123PG 12123PB 300*300*75MM 1PC*8BAG/CTN
12124PG 12124PB 300*300*100MM 1PC*6BAG/CTN
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Company Profile Macrich Industry CO., LTD.

Macrich Industry CO., LTD. which is the first exporter for conduit fittings since 1981 from China.We have 36 years experiences specialized in manufacturing and exporting various electrical conduit fittings.Our main products are Malleable iron,ductile iron, gray iron,steel and Brass products.

Our company has passed the quality certificate of ISO9001:2015 and CE certificate.Our products mainly exported to European and American market with BS standard and US standard.



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